Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rest in Peace Uncle Danny

On Thursday September 28th, cancer claimed the life of another family member. Uncle Danny lost his battle with cancer but his spirit lives on in the entire family. After attending the wake and funeral it was apparent to see how many lives he touched. Whether it was his three brothers and two sisters, his nine nieces and nephews or all of this friends who came to see him. He always brought a smile to people's faces. He had an uncanny ability to do so. Uncle Danny even touched the lives of the nurses who took care of him while he was in and out of the hospital. These nurses even came to Danny's wake to pay their respects. This was a true sign of the type of person Uncle Danny was.

Uncle Danny, I'll miss you! You've made a difference in my life and the lives of everyone who knew you. I'm proud to call you my uncle and to support Aunt Pat and Christopher!

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