Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Only in Philadelphia

Only in Philadelphia do you hear about people running onto the field at Lincoln Financial during a game to spread the ashes of their dead mother. That's what happened on Sunday. Check out the link to ESPN.com for more details http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2239860

Here's the thing that confuses me. Why!? Who does that? Did your mother say as her last dying wish that she wants to have her ashes spread across Lincoln Financial? I understand being a huge sports fan and devoting a lifetime to your favorite team (shit I'm a Phillies fan so I'm used to losing teams) but I'm not sure if I want my ashes spread across the field. Sure its a cool idea but its a bit freaky and not healthy for fans. I'm not big on going to watching a football game and being worried that some dead ladies remains are circulating through the air. Its bad enough I go to Giants Stadium where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

Ok I guess if I really thought about it, having my ashes spread on the field would be cool. But Lincoln Financial? Come on. It could have been worse. They could have been spread on the turf at the Vet. At least on the grass surface it can seap into the ground.

Thank You Pat Gillick & The Philadelphia Phillies

Dear Pat Gillick - GM of the Philadelphia Phillies,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for enabling me to forget abuot the 2006 season before it even starts. Your attempt to slowly dismantle a team one superstar from being successful is working out well. After being named the GM of the Phillies in October you sent me a personalized email (ok it was a mass email but I felt it had a personal touch) where you stated you would do everything in your power to keep Billy Wagner and build a championship team.

Boy did I take the bait, hook, line and sinker on that one. What you did was pull an Ed Wade and the same manuever every Phillies GM has done before you. "We're going to build a championship team. We've got money to spend!"

Yeah you've got so much money to spend what you did was send Jim Thome and a shit load of cash to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand - who isn't bad but he's no Brian Giles. Then you attempted to keep Billy Wagner but what you failed to do was you failed to get in front of Wagner before the competition did. Therefore, the Mets jumped in front of you. Minaya played the "we'll build a team around you" card. What did you do? NOTHING!

Like Ed Wade did with Curt Schilling and Scott Rolen you were quoted as saying you would do everything you could to keep Billy Wagner. Ed Wade said the same thing abuot both players. He also said that he would build teams around them and he did. He built the Cardinals around Rolen and helped build the Diamondbacks and Red Sox around Schilling.

With all of that I would like to thank you! Thank you for giving me the summer of 2006 back. Thank you for helping me to realize that 2005 was a fluke. Thank you for not encouraging me to go to your stadium 5 times next year to spend and average of $150 each trip - that equates to a cost savings of $750!

There is one thing that I do ask. Can you encourage the team to suck balls from the start of the season? I'd rather not have the dillusion that we have a chance come May, June, July, August or September like I had last season. If they can do that for me then I'd be inclined to come to the stadium at least twice.

Yours truly.

p.s. you'll be receiving a photo album of my little league years, my parents couldn't afford a camcorder in the 80s, please use this as my resume to fill the position of closer for your team. Unless Urbina somehow beats the attempted murder charges but I think the cards are stacked against him.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is November 22nd, 2005. To everyone else in the world that's the date. An oridinary and rainy Tuesday in November just before Thanksgiving. To me, it marks my Dad's 59th birthday. Or in better terms, what would have been his 59th birthday. Seven years, 10 months, and 16 days ago my father passed away. A moment that took me almost 5 years to come to terms with but still lingers in my mind daily.

Unlike other birthdays there won't be a card, a cake with candles or presents. If I were closer to home I could go visit the cemetary with flowers or do like my brother does and pour a shot of whiskey at his grave. Maybe I'll do that this weekend when I get down there. But instead I go through work with a smile on my face, joking with co-workers, putting together proposals for clients all knowing that deep down inside today SUCKS!

Inside it hurts. Inside I'd like for him to be here to celebrate with us but reality sets in. If my father were still with us today what kind of condition would he be in if he were still fighting cancer? Would be his old self, like he was before he got sick? or would be like he was in the final years? Either way he's my father and I would only love him more. But when looked at realistically, my father suffered. he suffered a long time fighting a disease that woudn't go away. He didn't fight alone, my Mom was there every step of the way. When he wanted to give up she kept fighting. Mom was the reason he lived and fought so long not medicine or doctors or anything else. It was her determination to make sure that the man she married and loved her whole life was given the best support.

How am I going to celebrate his birthday though? It depends. Usually I'll have a beer in his honor but today seems harder than all the others. No one seems to be around today. Melissa has been too busy, friends aren't around and work is calling. So its more stressful. I thought abuot him this morning at the gym. Said an Our Father before working out, wished him a happy birthday when I woke up. But tonight will be harder because the only thing around to distract me is the TV and a fridge full of beer.

Maybe it'll get easier as I get older, but i doubt it. When my kids won't know their grandfather and can't understand the man I speak about until they are much older. But that's years from now. All I can say is Happy Birthday Dad. Wish you were here but understand why you couldn't make it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

5 Hours 8 Minutes!

Well Ladies and Gentleman it was a success! Melissa completed the 2005 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday November 6th in 5 Hours and 8 Minutes! It was great to see all of those weekends of training, getting up at 6 am to run 12, 14, 18, 20 miles was well worth it.

She saw my mom in Brooklyn at the 6 mile mark. We saw her for the first time just after the 16 mile marker. Which was great. We had signs to cheer her on and she was looking extremely happy. From there she made her way up 1st avenue into the Bronx. Then when we saw her again at the 25 mile marker it was a great feeling. Great for me. She may have been in the worst pain because of her knee but it was great to see her make it that far.

Her support group went from just me then to five with 2 other people across the street. From there we added four more people to bring our total group to 11. Making our way to 59th and Columbus Circle our group went to 16 when my brother, sister-in-law and Grace showed up along with Melissa's cousins.

The greatest part was seeing her at the 25th mile. Knowing that she was going to finish. At that point nothing was stopping her! 5 Hours, 8 minutes! Amazing! She motivated me to run next year, as long as my knee holds out. It was great to see it all pay off!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Theo, Answer the Question!!

This afternoon between trips to client meetings here in Boston I tuned the radio to a local sports talk radio station. The Theo Epstein press conference was on announcing his departure as GM from the Boston Red Sox. Theo explained that he's not leaving because he's tired of baseball, it wasn't about the money, it wasn't because of a disagreement with the CEO, and it wasn't a power struggle.

Bob Ryan asked the tough question. "Theo it wasn't because of money, you're not burned out, its not a power struggle or a problem with the higher ups. What was it then?"

Theo's response: "Well Bob I just explained why. Next question."

Well Theo, you actually didn't say why you're quitting. Explain it to us. Seriously, I think your faithful fans and the people of Boston as well as baseball enthusiasts would like to know. Is it because you're gay? That's the only think that I can think of. You're pulling a Jim McGreevy who resigned as Jersey Governor. Then went on to explain why...because he's gay!

There's nothing wrong with it. Just come clean. If you're gay do you think this city will think less of you? You made moves to bring a world series to Boston. You helped improve the city around Fenway, according to the Boston radio people.

Any one else have a theory?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

26.2 or Bust!

Hi Everyone,

Ok we just went over the course map and reviewed the "Cheering Strategies" from the NY Road Runners. Listed below are some of the best viewing and least crowded areas . These are going to be along 1st Ave between 59th and 86th street. If you are going to be in Brooklyn or somewhere else (Kathy and my mom) just let me know that exact spot, what side of the street you’re on and I’ll keep Melissa posted as she runs.

Option 1: 59th Street Bridge. Melissa estimates she will cross the 59th street bridge into NYC around 1:20 PM. This is one of the most popular spots to view becasue it is where the runners hit NYC for the first time! This marks mile 16.

For those who want to see her there, you can position yourself at 59th and 1st Ave . After she passes you, you can then cross back and make your way across to the park. You can position yourself by FAO Schwarz or the Time Warner Center and see her finish mile 25 or 26! ( the last .2 are finished in Central Park)

Option 2: Position yourself along 1st ave from 68th street to 96th Street. This marks miles 18-19. After she passes you there, you can turn around and head towards 5th avenue where you can see Melissa as she enters the park at mile 24. In order to see her before she enters into the park though you’ll need to be at 86th and 5th Avenue or higher. 86th is the last time she’ll be on the street until 2 miles later. So the higher up you go the better chance you’ll have of seeing her.

**Please note that if you choose this option you will need to be on the left hand side (when you look north) of 1st avenue. Because you won’t be able to run across 1st avenue while the marathon is in progress. Your best route to get there is to go up Lexington avenue until you’re situated. But this placement gives you the option of seeing her twice.

Option 3: Park yourself somewhere. Send me a text message or give me a call when you get settled to let me know what street you are on and from Melissa’s view what side of the street you’re on. Once I find out I’ll text her to let her know who to look for where.
You can also meet at Home of The Magdits’ and all go down from there. That part will have to organize separately as I my mind isn’t focusing on that part right now.

Melissa and Char are making signs this week, whether Char knows it or not. If you want a sign you can get it if you meet at the house Sunday morning or we can meet in the city that day and I’ll provide them to you.

My cell: 201-723-9854. you can call or text. I’ve signed up to receive alerts as to when Melissa hits the 10k mark (6.4 miles), 20k mark (12.8 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles) and the finish. As I receive those I can pass that information along.

At the Finish: There’s a new family reunion area on Central Park West, between West 71st Street and West 60th Street, allowing for a shorter walk for runners after the race. Family reunion is arranged alphabetically by last name, with A at West 71st Street and Z at West 60th Street. Its where you can meet Melissa after she completes the 26.2 miles!

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