Friday, January 29, 2010

Suddenly considering the Nashville Marathon in April

"Nashville Marathon seems to have spots open" I thought to myself after checking the site. "April 24th, that gives me basically two and an half months to prepare." Really!? Am I seriously considering this? Why would I do this to myself. Tomorrow is saturday, I'm going an 8 to 10 mile run. I have a guaranteed 4 miler on Super Bowl Sunday with the NYRR. Then March 21st I have the NYC Half Marathon.

Do I really want to do this? Can I really get my ass in gear to prepare for it? What happens if I qualify for the ING NYC Marathon in November? 2 marathons in one year. Can I really do that to myself?

Where's that marathon training schedule from 2 years ago....this could happen.

Let me think this over while I drink another bottle of cheap wine and eat more ice cream....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Up and Down Training

The NYC Half Marathon is 2 months away but this weekend will be the big challenge. A Central Park Half Marathon! This will mark the furthest I have run since the NYC marathon in 2008. But the other good thing so far is that I ran 8 miles last sunday and I felt pretty good running it. I'm expecting it to me about 2 hours but that's ok. My best half marathon time was an hour and 52 minutes but that was when I was in peak marathon shape. I am going to use this sunday as my benchmark for the rest of the season.

On another note. While I lost 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years, I gained 4 pounds back. Are you freakin kidding me! I've been running, watching what I eat, and staying away from fried food as much as possible. I guess I could cut back on the beer...ok that's not going to happen.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYC Half Marathon

On January 6th, 1998 my Dad passed away from Cancer. It's been 12 years his he passed away. During that time there have been countless events that he's missed. This year I've decided to run in the NYC Half Marathon in March, ride in the Livestrong Ride for the Roses in August and potentially the 2010 ING New York Marathon. My goal is to raise over $10,000. That's a huge it possible...we'll see. Since I've started training for the run and the ride right around Thanksgiving I've lost 6 pounds. I've lost a few inches on my waist as well but not sure how much.

If anyone follows this blog, below is the link to my donation page for the NYC Half Marathon. Please feel free to donate even $5 if you can.

Donations benefit the LAF:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jimmy V

I'm watching a clip on ESPN for the Jimmy V Foundation and Jimmy V Week. His line "don't give up, don't ever give up" still brings a tear to my eye. Knowing that he fought for some many people knowing that he may never be cured is motivating. The V Foundation raised more than $90 Million for cancer research and their current push/promotion is that every dollar raised goes to fighting cancer. Every dollar earned is a dollar donated to cancer research, it's an amazing foundation for a truly motivating man.

Watching this clip from Jimmy V motivates me more to raise money to fight cancer. I'm signing up for the Livestrong Philly Challenge in August and I think I'll sign up for the Livestrong Team to run in the 2010 ING New York City Marathon.

Actually, I just registered for Livestrong Philly. I'm registered to do a 10k run and a 45 mile ride. I'm going with shorter distances in case I actually do the marathon so I can save my legs for the marathon 2 months later. Wish me luck and please donate to the right!

Kutcher and Social Media

Here's a pretty good article on Ashton Kutcher from Fast Company on how he's using social media. How there needs to be a way to monetize sites such as facebook and twitter. It's a good article around social media that's worth reading.

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