Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random Act of Theivery??

It started off as another day off. The clock hit 11 am and we cracked open the first drinks. Prior to that Ken ran out to get beer for himself and vodka for me. I'm cutting back on the beer because its making me fatter so I'm gonna run with vodka for now. (more on that later).

We decided to head over to the bar to meet some friends and watch the Notre Dame - Ohio State game. Before we went there we played 4 games of Madden during which I drank 3 Vodka-Seltzers in pint glasses. PINT GLASSES! These were more vodka than seltzer which was the problem.

The game became boring so we cut to the chase. It was time to do something mischiveous. During our drunken night we convinced Ken to remove a very large New Castle mirror from the back wall of the bar. The mirror had to be no smaller than 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Here's how it goes...

Ken wandered up to the bathroom and noticed the mirror hanging on the wall outside the bathrooms, which are on the 2nd floor. When he returned he mentioned how much he loved that mirror at which point I convinced him that he needed to bring it home with him. From there he went into the back room to check to see if the back door was locked or not. Returning he mentioned the door wasn't locked but there were cameras all over...they probably don't even work.

Then back upstairs. Grabs the mirror. Out the back door. Then he runs to the apartment with this giant mirror tucked under his arm. I meet him at the front door to the apartment building so that he can run in.

That was last night.

Today he felt guilty all day long that he took the mirror, whimp. When he returned from work he returned the mirror by going through the backdoor. Back up the stairs and puts the mirror back on the wall.

No harm. No Foul.

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WILLIE said...

Ken is a pussy

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