Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What I Would Rather Be Doing

Its Tuesday December 27th and I'm trying very had to complete the one big peice of work that I have to do but its just not getting done. I've been sitting at my desk since 9:15 and since that time here is what I have done:
  • had a cup of coffee - only one so far which is far short of my usual 4 per day.
  • sorted mail because there's no one else here to do it.
  • had lunch
  • researched getting a cable internet connection for my mom
  • bought stock in a company - This just proves how bored I am!!!!
  • surfed mySpace
  • bought a Jack Johnson album on iTunes

The Jack John album is what has sparked this entry. What would i rather be doing right now than sitting here at my desk? Well there's a lot that I'd rather be doing but listening to these two albums has encouraged my to want to crack open a Corona while sitting on a beach.

Or what I could do is learn how to surf. That could be interesting especially when you consider the one thing that i can't do SO well is swim. But surfing would be pretty cool. It looks like a fun thing to do that also requires balance, yet another thing that I can't do. I'm not very well balanced so standing on the surfboard would be pretty difficult.

These are things that I might have to learn to do as i reach old age. Shit I'm going to be 30 in 2 months! I'm looking forward to this year so adding surfing to the mix could be a nice addition because its going to be a very health conscious year when you consider I plan on doing the Ride for the Roses (depending on where in the Northeast it comes to) which is 100 miles in 1 day and the NYC Marathon on November 5th.

Ok well that's all I've got for now. Maybe I'll throw on some Lyle Lovett and dream about being a horse wrangler or a cattle driver.

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