Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Little Snow Won't Stop the Party!!

As we all know supposedly there's a blizzard coming. Which kicks ass in so many different ways because I get to through the dog into snow piles, through Melissa into snow piles, or get pushed into snow piles. But it also causes a slight problem for any one still interested in coming to Hoboken tonight for the party.

The party is still on! The one good thing is that the less people who show up means the more food for me! Feel free to swing by Nine on Washington Street if you're in Hoboken tonight. If not, no worries we'll catch up some other time.

Drive fast, take chances.

p.s. this is my last saturday in my 20s...damn I'm getting old. Next thing you know I'll be going gray....shit too late, I'm losing that battle too.

1 comment:

darcy said...

i hate you

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