Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm Back!

Back by popular demand is an update of things on my life the last update was. February? Ah who knows. Any way here's where things are....Melissa and I found an apartment. There will be more on that but I have a fear of jinxing things so I'll keep it to myself for now. There are people who know how things are progressing but if there is too much information I actually put on "paper" I know it'll be a jinx.

Next...Punta Cana was great! We spent 5 days of doing nothing!!!! The only thing we did was half a day of snorkeling. We were able to swim near coral reef and I got to swim with sharks and manta raes (sp). It was truly remarkable. I'm not a good a matter of fact i can't swim well at all. but that's besides the point. being out in the ocean is where i always want to be. Own a sail boat and spend the weekends out on that...its just a dream. At one point during the snorkeling I was able to remove the lifevest and swim to the ocean and feed the fishes. The pictures from that haven't been developed yet but I should do it soon. Other than that all Melissa and I did was sit on the beach at the resort. We didnt drink much but we were able to eat fresh coconut. One of the people working on the resort was cutting them from a tree and we went over to see if we could get one. he opened it for and spent a good 30 minutes drinking from it..which i later found is a natural laxative. That means I spent some time on the bowl.

Basically if i wasn't on the beach I was on the bowl. The trip ended with me getting salmanila from a burger I eat. it was a terrible end to a great vacation.

Oh and some one stole our towel our last night there. we left it on the rail on our patio, we were ground floor. About 1 am Melissa heard a noise outside and woke me. I went out on to the patio to find only one towl. The passed up on the sneakers and bathing suits that were there but went for the towel...weirdos.

Whatelse...We were able to see my neice Grace when we got back. What a little cutie! She has light brown hair that is all curly making her look like Shirly Temple. What an adorable little girl! My poor brother is going to have his hands full.


Oh a lot of my friends are having kids or are pregnant. Denise had a little girl named Isabella and my old boss Pixie had a little boy. I just had his name on the tip of my tongue when I start this sentence and just forgot it. Two old college roommates are pregnant. Pizz and Erin are expecting! Which kicks ass! Dennis' wife...from what I understand is pregnant but I never hear from him or any of the other guys.

Whatelse. We're getting ready for a good summer. 3 big weddings this year. Melissa's cousin, her best friend and my roommate Ken. Plus...who knows when we'll be engaged :)

This is our marathon year. Melissa and I will be running in November, if you're reading this you're expected to be there! We'll need all the support we can get. I'm shooting for under 5 hours and i think we can do it!

Baseball season has started. Two fantasy baseball leagues and the first game of the season is under way!

If i can think of any thing else I'll try to post it. But tomorrow is opening day in Philly! I can't wait to go! Section 125 in Citizens Bank Park! I'm not expecting much from the phillies this year but if they do well then it truly is the year of THE DARREN!

that's all for now.


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