Friday, January 05, 2007

Final Day...

ESPN is reporting that Bill Cowher will announce his retirement today at 1 pm. After 15 seasons and a Super Bowl victory he's finally stepping down for some time off. Its hard to believe that I could endure two retirements of Steeler greats in less than a year! First Jerome and now Bill. 15 years at one job is a long time. Hell the longest I've lasted at a job was exactly 2 years. If I keep things going the way I am here there's a good chance I could be shown the door soon (that's because i'm probably going to mouth off to the wrong people in the next few days or so...more on that as it develops).

Just think...15 years ago I was sitting at home as a happy go lucky 15 year old living in Jackson. Before the Sunday Ticket I was able to see games in NY and PA because we were lucky enough to get channels from both areas. This is a contributing factor to becoming a Steelers fan.

As time went on I became more and more of a fan. Finally moving to Hoboken we were able to get the Sunday ticket and watch the steeler games I wanted. Ok so I can't name every player on the team especially the offensive linemen but I do know that 63% of their offensive plays are run plays. And that the blitz on the first defensive play of every game. They opened the Super Bowl against the Cowboys in '95 with an onsides kick. A move that in theory was great, in real life...not so great. I can also tell you that in 2002 they mounted one of the best playoff comebacks against the Cleveland Browns. Thanks Herrmann for jinxing that win for your team by calling me to rub it in that the browns were up by 24 points in the first half.

Either way this is the end of an area because since becoming a Steelers fan when i was a youngster I've known 2 coaches: Chuck Noll and Cowher. The next coach will probably be with the team until i die which means at least another 60 years.

So long Bill Cowher, thanks for at least 1 championship from one of my sports teams!

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