Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Ok the time has come to post the New Years Resolutions for 2007. Seen as how I'm putting this in writing and publishing it for the world to see it could actually get me motivated to do it!

1. Lose 35 pounds...yes 35! I'm fat, there's no way around it. The wedding is in 8 months and counting. I refuse to be the fat guy marrying the hot chick so 170 here I come! Here's how I'll get there.

a. Not drink during the week...this will help with resolution #1. by not drinking during the week I will cut down on the total calories (yes that sounds gay) and keep myself on the right track. Although after the wedding all bets could be off.

b. Drink more water throughout the day...again leading back to point 1. More water equals more times to the bathroom which equals more time walking.

c. I'm running at least 5 times a week. I've registered with Nike+ to track my progress and chart me against the rest of the world. This will help keep me motivated. If i lose any challenges we could have problems.

2. Save more money. Lets be honest, we're paying for the wedding. the more money saved the more goes towards the wedding. It will even out in the end. Here's how I'll get there.

a. live below my means.

b. bring lunch to work every day.

c. go food shopping, this could also be part of resolution #1 as well. But by food shopping I'll cook dinner more and bring lunch with me more often.

d. don't go out for drinks after work any more. again...relates to point #1 as well.

3. be in contact with my family and friends more often. Here's how:

a. more calls.

b. more emails.

c. more text messages

d. more blog writing.

Ok those are it for now. I can't think of any more and need to get back to work.

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