Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ride for the Roses - on hold? Marathon - Still on?

Well my participation in the Ride for the Roses might be on hold this year. After speaking with my brother the bachelor party might be that weekend. More details to come.

But in other news....

Melissa and I are gearing up for the marathon this year! And it looks like we'll be joined by Lance Armstrong. So if we don't participate in the ride we'll have the marathon!!!!

Training for both has already begun. I put in 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday and 10 on the bike. Although its just one day its that start of something.


Andreas said...

Damn right you and Melissa are doing the marathon this year, it's called marriage.

Your life is over and the sad thing about it is you apparently have no clue.

As a person who's been married for over 13 years women run, or is it ruin, our existance.

Get our while you can!

Mags said...

Hey ! Be careful what you say!
I am highly influential in helping Darren find a new place of employment with nicer boses! I hear that Webbys a charm to work for.

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