Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ride for the Roses - Philadelphia

Its back! Last night Ken and Kelly reminded us about the Ride for the Roses happening in Philly this year! Melissa and I are taking up the challenge to do the ride. Its going to be slightly different for us this time around as we're going to do the 40 mile program as opposed to the 100 mile option. Unless we start some heavy training and we decide to go for the 100 miles.

There's also going to be another added feature...i guess you can call it that. We're going to try to get as many of our friends and family to participate in the ride. Because its so close and we're only doing 40 miles it will be a great opportunity for others to participate.

One special note, I woke up this morning thinking of the ride. My mind instantly went to one thought. This year I'm going to ride for Uncle Danny! The ride is two weeks before his birthday I believe and this is one way of doing something good to honor and remember him.

If you wish to make a donation, click here

Please note that we're not looking for donations as much as we're looking for people to ride with us. In order to ride you need to raise $250 which we are probably going to cover ourselves but we would love to have family and friends join in with us.

If you wish to ride with us, which would be great, then leave me a comment here or email me.

I'll try to update this page with daily information on how the training is going. As we'll be training for the ride, preparing for our wedding and training to run the NYC marathon this year. Wish us the best as we ride for Uncle Danny and help bring us closer to this terrible disease.

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