Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's an App for that

The motivation to re-ignite this blog was driven from an iPhone commercial. You know where they tell you there's an app for every thing. Including bird watching. Who would have thunk it.

This encouraged me to do some investigating. I came across ShoZu whereI could post to my blog. Limited by character counts though. I started thinking, "how many apps do I have and how many do I use?"

Answer: I have 30 apps and I probably use about 20. I have a whole screen dedicated to games. One for news (WSJ, nytimes, google which includes google news). A bunch for "productivity/social networking" which include 3 different twitted apps, ¹for myspace (why not?), shozu, colorsplash where I can make photos black and white with colorizing images, 2 video cams which required me to jailbreak my iphone, and one for adding picture messages part of the jailbreak. A Livestrong calorie counter, helped me lose 13lbs in 30 days.

Are these necessary though? Hell yeah!

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