Tuesday, November 01, 2005

26.2 or Bust!

Hi Everyone,

Ok we just went over the course map and reviewed the "Cheering Strategies" from the NY Road Runners. Listed below are some of the best viewing and least crowded areas . These are going to be along 1st Ave between 59th and 86th street. If you are going to be in Brooklyn or somewhere else (Kathy and my mom) just let me know that exact spot, what side of the street you’re on and I’ll keep Melissa posted as she runs.

Option 1: 59th Street Bridge. Melissa estimates she will cross the 59th street bridge into NYC around 1:20 PM. This is one of the most popular spots to view becasue it is where the runners hit NYC for the first time! This marks mile 16.

For those who want to see her there, you can position yourself at 59th and 1st Ave . After she passes you, you can then cross back and make your way across to the park. You can position yourself by FAO Schwarz or the Time Warner Center and see her finish mile 25 or 26! ( the last .2 are finished in Central Park)

Option 2: Position yourself along 1st ave from 68th street to 96th Street. This marks miles 18-19. After she passes you there, you can turn around and head towards 5th avenue where you can see Melissa as she enters the park at mile 24. In order to see her before she enters into the park though you’ll need to be at 86th and 5th Avenue or higher. 86th is the last time she’ll be on the street until 2 miles later. So the higher up you go the better chance you’ll have of seeing her.

**Please note that if you choose this option you will need to be on the left hand side (when you look north) of 1st avenue. Because you won’t be able to run across 1st avenue while the marathon is in progress. Your best route to get there is to go up Lexington avenue until you’re situated. But this placement gives you the option of seeing her twice.

Option 3: Park yourself somewhere. Send me a text message or give me a call when you get settled to let me know what street you are on and from Melissa’s view what side of the street you’re on. Once I find out I’ll text her to let her know who to look for where.
You can also meet at Home of The Magdits’ and all go down from there. That part will have to organize separately as I my mind isn’t focusing on that part right now.

Melissa and Char are making signs this week, whether Char knows it or not. If you want a sign you can get it if you meet at the house Sunday morning or we can meet in the city that day and I’ll provide them to you.

My cell: 201-723-9854. you can call or text. I’ve signed up to receive alerts as to when Melissa hits the 10k mark (6.4 miles), 20k mark (12.8 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles) and the finish. As I receive those I can pass that information along.

At the Finish: There’s a new family reunion area on Central Park West, between West 71st Street and West 60th Street, allowing for a shorter walk for runners after the race. Family reunion is arranged alphabetically by last name, with A at West 71st Street and Z at West 60th Street. Its where you can meet Melissa after she completes the 26.2 miles!

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