Sunday, November 13, 2005

5 Hours 8 Minutes!

Well Ladies and Gentleman it was a success! Melissa completed the 2005 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday November 6th in 5 Hours and 8 Minutes! It was great to see all of those weekends of training, getting up at 6 am to run 12, 14, 18, 20 miles was well worth it.

She saw my mom in Brooklyn at the 6 mile mark. We saw her for the first time just after the 16 mile marker. Which was great. We had signs to cheer her on and she was looking extremely happy. From there she made her way up 1st avenue into the Bronx. Then when we saw her again at the 25 mile marker it was a great feeling. Great for me. She may have been in the worst pain because of her knee but it was great to see her make it that far.

Her support group went from just me then to five with 2 other people across the street. From there we added four more people to bring our total group to 11. Making our way to 59th and Columbus Circle our group went to 16 when my brother, sister-in-law and Grace showed up along with Melissa's cousins.

The greatest part was seeing her at the 25th mile. Knowing that she was going to finish. At that point nothing was stopping her! 5 Hours, 8 minutes! Amazing! She motivated me to run next year, as long as my knee holds out. It was great to see it all pay off!

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