Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Theo, Answer the Question!!

This afternoon between trips to client meetings here in Boston I tuned the radio to a local sports talk radio station. The Theo Epstein press conference was on announcing his departure as GM from the Boston Red Sox. Theo explained that he's not leaving because he's tired of baseball, it wasn't about the money, it wasn't because of a disagreement with the CEO, and it wasn't a power struggle.

Bob Ryan asked the tough question. "Theo it wasn't because of money, you're not burned out, its not a power struggle or a problem with the higher ups. What was it then?"

Theo's response: "Well Bob I just explained why. Next question."

Well Theo, you actually didn't say why you're quitting. Explain it to us. Seriously, I think your faithful fans and the people of Boston as well as baseball enthusiasts would like to know. Is it because you're gay? That's the only think that I can think of. You're pulling a Jim McGreevy who resigned as Jersey Governor. Then went on to explain why...because he's gay!

There's nothing wrong with it. Just come clean. If you're gay do you think this city will think less of you? You made moves to bring a world series to Boston. You helped improve the city around Fenway, according to the Boston radio people.

Any one else have a theory?


The Chruch Lady said...

clearly Theo is a pussy.

Brian Cashman said...

Theo can't talk right now, he's waxing my car before I 'wax' his ass. Know what I'm saying?

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