Thursday, April 06, 2006

All Growns Up

With every day and year that go by more and more of my friends are getting married. Last year it was 10 people I knew who got married. Out of those 10, 3 are now expecting a kid this year. 3! Not even married a year and my friends are having kids. Am I doing something wrong that we're not married yet? The answer, No. Because Melissa is still young. We'll be married before long. That is known. We haven't been hiding the fact that we're in love, moving in together, getting engaged and eventually married.

Am I jealous? Yes and no. Yes because we would make great parents. No because we have time before we are going to start a family. Melissa is 3 years younger than me and we want to make sure that we experience everything we can with one another. I mean we finally had our first adult vacation that wasn't revolving around a business trip or with family.

I wish all my friends luck with the start of their families. You're all going to make great parents!

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