Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baseball Season is here...

Why am I not looking forward to this season? Well after I finally saw my Steelers win a Super Bowl the realization hit me. The Phillies did nothing this season to make their team better. Billy Wagner is now a Met. Thome was shipped off to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand - a good fielder but defense isn't going to win games on this team. They acquired a 42 year-old relief pitcher.

In thinking about the offseason as a fan i knew the one thing the phillies needed was starting pitching. Where were the moves to make a pitcher? why trade Thome for an outfielder, then make another trade for an outfielder before the season started? The other trade was for yet another outfielder. The only thing i can think is that they are going to trade Abreu for a big name pitcher but by the time that happens the phillies will be out of the playoff hunt.

Therefore, this season I'm going to spend it as a fan of the game. Not going crazy that the Phillies are going to lose. Just being a fan and enjoying the game my father and brother taught me to play. Maybe I'll be able to get down to see my brother coach his grade school team to another championship because let's be honest that's the most excitement my baseball season will have.

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