Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fake Homeless Guy

Ok this could get me in trouble with the people who try to help the homeless but hey its my opinion (as if 42 million people worldwide are reading this cheesy blog). There's a homeless guy who parks himself on the street about 20 feet up from my office. He's infront of an old shop that has closed down so now no one is going to give him a hard time about sitting there.

The guy sits there with his dog and tries to talk to every person walking by. He's not your typical, former mental hospital patient who you hear about on the news. This guy at one point had a job and grew up in a home. But something went wrong at some point in his life. Maybe he lost his job or got injured to the point where he can no longer work. So his job is sitting on West 57th street solicating money and food from people.

When I first started working here I felt bad for the guy. I was willing to give him a few dollars and one day I actually gave him the last dollar I had in my pocket. But two days later as a girl in tight pants walked by he called out to her about having her sit with him. Not the worst thing I've heard a homeless person say. Until he blurted out that he wanted a blow job. That's when someone else walking by said something to him about.

Monday morning I was in Duane Reed when i see the homeless guy buying a big thing of post board and a magic marker. His shirt looked clean, he was clean shaven and he had a wad of cash in his pocket that he took out to pay for the supplies with. He saw me. He knew that I knew who he was. He's a fake. Now maybe he's not really a fake. Maybe he is homeless and living on the street. But he still had a wad of money in his pocket.

Today the cardboard is resting next to his shopping cart with the words "Shalom Hungry Jew". On the ground infront of him, a sign that says "House Painter (Exterior) Have a Driver's License." Both of these signs are very well written, well written being with neat penmanship. But here's the next thing I noticed (I walked past him a few times today), it was a sign that said "Chinese Food Please!" WHAT! He's putting in requests for food! Are you shitting me!? Even if I had leftovers from a chinese place I'm not giving it to this guy. I'll buy you a bagel and a coffee in the winter or a bagel in the summer. But to make a request like that you're f-ing nuts man!

So I've vowed to not give this guy shit because I think he's a fake. Plus I have now changed the route I walk to get food because I can't stand listening to the rude shit he says to people. And i'm generally nice to homeless people. I give money when I can. But that's besides the point.

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