Saturday, July 30, 2005

Full Moon

Last night on my way to Prey for Steve's birthday I was walking up 22nd street towards 5th when I spotted a full moon. Not in the sky though but rather right on the street. Here's what happened.

A white mini was parked along the side of the street. A rather large girl got out of it on the passenger side and was yelling something to her friends. I couldn't really make it out because I wasn't paying attention to her. She came around the back of the mini van and i could see her fiddling with her pants. Now I was paying more attention because I was getting closer.

Approaching the driver's side door she dropped 'em! All I saw was a big fat white ass. She made Roseann Barr look small. That's how big she was.

As she dropped her, someone came out of the building next to me. "What the fuck is that!" the guy said. In that instance she turned and yelled "oh fuck i can't go they're watching." Believe me I was staring but not watching. It was a pretty awful sight but a good story to tell when I finally got to the bar.

Good times, lots of laughs.

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