Friday, July 29, 2005

Live Life to the Fullest

Can someone shoot the next asshole who says "you need to experience life. Live life to the fullest." Just because i'd rather be a lazy shit and sit on my couch (technically my roommates couch) watching women's College Softball instead of being outside doing something exciting doesn't make me a bad person. Hey i've lived life. I'm tired! Give me a beer, a couch, a remote control and let me be. I pedaled a bike 350 miles in a weekend. I've rode that same bike 100 miles on 3 seperate occassions. All of these accomplishments were done for a good cause. Not for me. They were done to raise money.

Now Mr. Live Life to the Fullest, what the hell have you done for someone else? Ya jerk off. I just read an article about getting out and experiencing life which is why I'm suddenly fired up.

Everyone lives their lives differently. I did my part now give me a pint of Ben & Jerry's, the spoon is optional. It annoys me the people who say these things and I probably said them too at one point. What does that make me? It too puts me in the category of Gym Class Hero. You know the guy. The dude who took gym class above and beyond the call of duty. My brother teaches phys ed to middle school students but he wasn't a gym class hero. He's a guy trying to make a difference in kid's health and futures.

The gym class here is the guy who dives for a ball in high school gym class. He's the same dude who gets fired up in a bar when drinking or pushes his girlfriend around. He's not living life to the fullest in my mind's eye. He's annoying the shit out of me is what he's doing.

So i live life to what I feel is the fullest. When I finish a pint of ice cream or go to dinner with to the fullest. Shit just hanging out with Melissa is living life to the fullest. (Ok insert cheesy comment for saying that about my girlfriend. my response: Bite me, i don't give a shit.

Not really fully understanding where this fired up feeling is coming from right now. Maybe the hangover finally went away. But either way I'm babbling about nothing. Live life the freakin way you want to live it. Not everyone needs to be superstar. The world needs ditch diggers too Danny.

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