Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just Getting Started

On Sunday July 24th I sat by the pool flipping through the NY Times when I came across the Sunday Styles section. By "came across the Sunday Styles section" I mean was trying to get to the sports section, because everyone knows how fantastic the sports coverage is by the NY Times. For the most part its just crap surrounded by the NYTimes masthead but then there are the times where they break stories like Maurice Clarett getting snagged for cheating his way through school. ANYWAY.

On the front page of the Sunday Styles was an article about Stephanie Kline's blog and not to go into too much detail, I read it, enjoyed it and on monday checked her site out. Its a good site and proves the power of the internet. Her site probably went from lets just say 10,000 visitors daily to 20 - 25,000 visitors per day. So I thought to myself, "i could do this. I could spare time in my busy day to post snippets of things that i see or hear."

My typical writings consist of emails to clients or "news stories" for my fantasy baseball and football leagues. These news stories usually consist of the random things I see every day while walking through NYC. For example, about 3 years ago I was walking up the subway steps when a gust of wind whipped through the station and blew a girls skirt up right in front on me. That was probably one of my best written stories to date. I received a lot of good remarks and feedback from my buddies.

So this is where I find myself today. Attempting my first blog. Who knows it could be a failure or I could just completely lose interest. But why not give it a try and see what I can do. I'll do my best to not write anything that is too perverted...especially when you consider my girlfriend will probably read this blog and not be happy. But yet I'll do my best to keep my friends entertained. That's the least I could do.

Plus who knows, this might not be the smartest business move I could make. Then again I could turn out to be the smartest business move I make. Only time will tell. Hope you enjoy it.

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