Thursday, September 29, 2005

11.5 Year Reunion

Its midnight here at home. If you read my previous post you'll know I was in San Fran, which is where my sleep timer is still located. I know I need to go to bed because I have to get up early to go to work but sleep isn't happening. For one of the first times in my life I don't want to sleep. On the plane I took a quick power nap which was induced by a can of Miller Lite. Now, two beers later I'm wide awake.

And now that I'm wide awake there are a ton of things running through my mind.
- Is there something that I didn't do for work that I can be doing now?
- Shouldn't I be apartment/house hunting?
- Why are the Phillies still in the playoff hunt? They should have been eliminated months ago which now forces me to pay closer attention to the Phillies and Astros. That bothers me.
- Man am i glad I didn't go to my 11.5 year reunion.

That last point sticks out the most. Its been 11.5 years since I graduated from high school and instead of having a 10 year reunion like normal people we missed it. Someone organized the 11.5 year but I really didn't feel like going. All the people I want to see are people I still talk to. They are people I see at least twice per year. Should I have gone to hear what people are doing these days? Nope I shouldn't have. I can only assume that there were people who were making themselves out to be bigger than who they really are.

"I run my own company."
"I'm a CEO of a major corporation."
"Married. 3 Kids."

Personally, I don't give a shit. The people who I still talk to are successful in their own right. I don't need pointless babble like "So what have you done with yourself since graduating?" "My the last 11 years haven't been kind to you. What the fuck happened?" Bullshit...don't need it. The sales guy in me thought it was a good networking opportunity. But networking for what? Are these people going to be future clients of mine? Probably not. Are they going to sell me house? Nope, I don't like friends knowing my finances and something like having a high school acquaintence know how much or how little money I make isn't appealing.

But whatelse. Were there people who I wanted to see? Nope. Were there people who I wanted to rekindle friendships with? Maybe but if they were that important to rekindle then I would have made more of an effort. What ever happened to the people who won homecoming and prom king and queen? What did they make of themselves? Are they still the "elite people" they thought they were in high school? Who cares! What happened to the people who thought they were the shit in high school? I have an idea but I don't really give a shit what has happened to them.

Maybe it would have been good to go to see these people. Then I would have had the people with their yearbooks saying stupid things like "you guys were class couple, what happened?" What happened was the we grew up and apart and I found my life. I found where I wanted to go and who I wanted to go there with. Yeah she dumped me but who cares!? Not me. If I cared I would have made an effort but I didn't.

My life has brought me to many places. Its brought me a great family, a beautiful girlfriend who I have a future with and I'll make it work. I have great friends who, while we don't always see each other, we are friends and when we're together its like we never missed a beat.

But what has happened in the last 11.5 years? There's more than I can explain. Friends have come and gone. I've moved north and left that school behind. Why look like back? So I can feel some self gratification? So I can say "Ha this is where life brought me!" - that line would most likely be followed or supported with more bullshit.

Where will I be for the 20th? Who knows, who cares. Maybe in 8.5 years I'll have an interest to go to the 20 year reunion where I'll go backed with pictures of the wife and kids. My car, house, boat, office or cardboard box. But maybe I won't go to the reunion because I won't really care.

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