Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Features

In my wide awake state I've added some new features to the blog in order to keep it interesting. You'll see Google AdSense now appear on the site, feel free to click on it when you see something relevant to you. Another new feature is the Rapid Counter in order to see how much, ok how little traffic How Do You Like Me NOW!? is truly getting.

I'm an internet dork. Trackability is good. Generating revenue is even better. But if I want to make this thing work there needs to be things on the site to keep my loyal users happy. And by loyal users I'm referring to the 4 people who come to my site.

This isn't my full time job but it is something that is keeping my interest.


Anonymous said...
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Chad Pennington said...

Sorry Jets fans...

Anonymous said...

No more updates?!

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