Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nothing to read at the Book Store

Since starting my job three months ago, I've taken to journeying over to the Time Warner Center. At least twice a week I had over there to look at some clothes in the windows that I can't afford yet I keep telling myself that I need new clothes for work. Then I head up to the Samsung store on the 3rd floor and look at the cool phones that don't interest me. Or the laptops I can't afford either, if I couldn't afford the clothes there's no way I can afford the laptop.

In between looking at the clothes and going to Samsung I hit Borders. Every time I go in there's always one of two security guards at the door, a large black man or a large white man. Both always pretty cool as they say hello and goodbye to me. I'm sure that they recognize me coming in there at this point. Because the people at J. Crew and Samsung sure do remember me.

There I was today. Looking for a book to grab for my trip to and from San Fran. I wondered the store with no specific book or topic in mind. Just wandering. "Maybe I'll get a book on house buying tips or one on history," I thought to myself. Then I realized that i'm flying Song out to San Fran which means which ever book I have to pick up it will have to compete with the football games that will be on tv on the plain.

I was so determined to find a good book that I ended up in the kids section! Oh the Places You'll Go is something that could keep my interest. Nah...moving on...I kept wandering back to the the Best Seller section. Nothing...boring. Maybe a magazine.

I headed over to the magazines. Standing by the sports magazines and the men's health magazines of the world i reach for the GQ. Cameron Diaz is on the front, so why not. But then I realize that if i buy it I'll have to pay sales tax at Borders so maybe I'll just buy it at the newsstand across from my office. (Which i found out later isn't carrying the latest GQ with Cameron on the front.)

After finally leaving Borders, I had down to my lunch spot. Whole Foods of course. Reaching the supermarket of all supermarkets I had right over to where the seltzer is. Grab a bottle of citrus flavored seltzer and head for the lunch section. As I approach the area where the sushi, sandwiches and hot foods are, I see that the lines to pay are out of control. I reverse course. Put the seltzer back where I bought it, because nothing bothers me more than putting things back in a supermarket where they don't belong. Then I head for the escalator. Its been a very boring and eventful trip.

Walking out of the Time Warner Center I once again feel as though I have beat Capitalism by not spending any money in there. But then I feel as though its been a waste of time walking the 3 blocks to get there. Maybe tomorrow they'll have a new selection of books for me to dismiss for my trip. And hopefully the newsstand across the street gets the new GQ with Cameron Diaz in soon.

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