Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The trip was planned. Five days, four nights. We were finally getting away from everything. Our first trip that wasn't business, family or wedding related. Labor Day weekend away from the barbecues, crowded beaches and bars of the Jersey shore or the Hamptons. Melissa planned the trip in the matter of 45 minutes. It basically started with an IM "I need to go on vacation." My response "Ok, lets go." Short and sweet, a man of many words, never in my life have I realized that I take after my father until I realize I'm not a talker...I'm not a talker.

A week before we were set to go away Hurricane Katrina unleashed mass destruction on the Gulf Coast. We were watching the reports in horror of what was going on with the people in the South. But in the back of our minds we were selfish thinking about the destruction in Cancun. Would the Hurricane make a turn for the worst for us? Yeah we were being selfish but when you hadn't had a vacation alone in the two plus years you've dated then you can be selfish. And just to easy anyone's comments about the hurricane, yes I've contributed money.

Two days before our trip to Cancun, rain for 10 days straight. And not just a 10% - 30% chance but a 60%-75% chance of rain. Thank God for travel insurance! We were able to recoup all the money we were going to spend to go to Cancun. Now it was time to decide where we should go instead.


I'd never been to Newport. Melissa hadn't been so lets go! Let's get to Newport. If you haven't been to Newport I recommend going. We did the drunken couple stumbling home. We did the nice dinners and a really nice lunch. The best time we had was sitting at Castle Hill having lunch. Castle Hill is right on the water. There outdoor dining and then there's a section where you can bring your drink down to the chairs over looking the water.

Due to the amount of people we weren't able to sit at the chairs to drink because once we finished our lunch, and what a lunch it was, we felt the need to go walk off the food in the tourist area.

The meals we had were by far well worth the cost. Melissa had scallops, I had pork tenderloin and we both had 3 drinks each. By far one of the best meals I've had in a long time. The pork literally fell apart as I cut it which is a good sign to me.

If you haven't been to Newport I recommend you go. Its a nice place to go in order to get away. There were a lot of people but when I looked around, the only person I saw was Melissa. It was just a good "rekindling" experience. Now we need to start planning our beach trip for the fall. Cancun again maybe? Possibly.

If any one of the five people who read this site can recommend some place nice for her and I go to away to in order to cut loose or just sit on the beach and drink a few frozen drinks please let me know.

I have pictures but that requires emailing them because they are on


It Would Be Cooler If You Did said...

Peurto Rico!

sales guy said...

st john, virgin islands

Anonymous said...

Mom says....US Virgin Islands

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