Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What Would You Do With $171 Million?

"What Would You Do With $171 Million?" she asked.
Without hesitation "Pay off my mom's house, your parent's house, Kevin & DJ's house, Frankie's house, your debt, my debt, give money to Ken because we've made that deal."
"Would you keep working though?"
"Yeah, I can't go without working. Shit I work two jobs now and I don't need to but I still do because i need to keep busy."
"Sigh, I'd probably work part-time and travel alot though."

Today I played the megamillions, its at $171 million so how could I not. I meant to play last week but I forgot to get my tickets. Luckily for me I had a second chance. People don't get second chances and I'm not expecting to win but its worth trying. You can't win the game unless you're playing.

Let's imagine for a while what would happen if I did win. Look at my response to Melissa above. Six of the 7 things I've listed above revolve around everyone else. To take the conversation further, I went on to tell her that I'd then sell my mom's house and buy her a new one allowing her to keep the profit from the sale of her house. I'd sell Kevin's house and do the same plus make sure Little Princess Grace doesn't have to worry about money ever! Yeah I'd get myself out of debt and I'd buy myself a house, car and other cool stuff but I'd keep working. Money is great. I like working to make money to buy the things that her and I want. But $171 million would definitely change someone.

Of course I'd take that in cash then spread it out where I needed it to be spread out. Lets just say I'd get $70 million in cash after taxes and Uncle Sam took any thing else he wanted. That wouldn't leave me with much. I could spend a million in a week just buying toys, such as a beach house, a sweet car, a boat and other fun stuff. But with buying houses and cars and boats comes insurance and taxes. If I owed multiple houses I'd pay multiple taxes. So if I kept working then I could use my paychecks to pay those taxes and insurance.

Most people would retire but maybe I'll keep working the two jobs just for shits and giggles.


Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...
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GUESS WHO said...

umm...i hope a big FAT engagement gets purchased with some of that money!!!!!!!!!!

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