Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Comfort of Home

Traveling has taught me something, its taught me to miss home and love NYC that much more. I just returned from a business trip to San Francisco and while its a great city this trip was tainted by where I stayed. "Its like Times Square 20 years ago," is how it was explained to me. My hotel was at 8th and Market. Not knowing the city I figured that it was in a good location based on the pictures of the hotel and what it was near. Little did I know that it wasn't really near anything. Yes it was about 4 blocks from Union Square and all the shopping of San Fran but to walk out of there in the middle of the night was like taking your life in your hands.

On Tuesday I walked from Embarcadero to my hotel in a suit carrying a laptop bag. More like clutching my laptop bag. There were more bums in that eight block walk then there are bars in Hoboken, and Hoboken has the most bars per square mile than any place in the country. I'll admit it, i was nervous even slightly scared. But not enough to panic.

I walked with a purpose. Eyes forward and focused on my destination. I didn't look to the right or left but I did look behind me every so often. Even though it was broad daylight you never know whats going to happen. When I sensed a homeless person eyeing me for money I grabbed the cell phone making it look like I was talking to someone. Hoping that they wouldn't hit me up for money.

I'll give money to a homeless person. That's not a problem. Especially during the winter. But when you're walking a street where there's a homeless person every ten feet you just can't do it.

In my traveling I just couldn't wait to get home. The comfort of my apartment. The softness of my bed. The sight and touch of Melissa. It made me realize that while I don't mind traveling, I'm much more comfortable at home. I know what streets to walk and when. Where I can grab a drink. Basically just how to get around.

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