Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blog Traffic

September 29th was the date that the tracking feature was added to this blog. In almost a month there have been 68 visits to this blog. How many of those are from me? Not as many as you would think, the reason I go is yes to see how much traffic this is generating. By knowing how much traffic is coming to the blog I know that its being read. Whether its being read by my Mom, friends or random people who post comments to the blog promoting some stupid product they think you would want to read.

To me 68 visits, minus my 12 visits, is a success. Someone has found something to read. Do i need to blog more? Not necessarily. I only blog when i feel i need to. When there is something on my mind or something that just needs to be said.

When you do the math that's 56 visits in just under a month. That means that you've found something interesting so I'm going to post more and more. But as readers of the blog are you being short-changed? Is there something you, my valued reader, would like to read on this blog? Something that you would like to appear? Post a comment, let me know what it is. Until then I'll just keep writing about nothing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Carew -- It provides some humor and a bit of relaxation for these hectic days! Keep up the humorous stories.

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