Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Blogs I've Read Since Getting Home from Work

There's small war going on in the blogosphere. It all started with Stephanie Klein's Greek Tragedy. Her story was posted in the Sunday NY Times over there summer. After reading the article and her blog I was hooked on blogging...that's how I got my start.

Since then I've found other blogs through her's which have lead to more and more blogs which are and aren't related to hers. There are parodies of her blog like Tale of Two Sisters written by two college students, I think...i've read so much stuff lately that they are all blending into one another. For whatever the real reason is, the bloggers of Tale of Two Sisters have stopped blogging on that site and stopped their parody of SK. But when you look at the comments section of their final post "STFU" the battle is just beginning.

Followers/Fans of SK are attacking the Sisters while others have come to their defense then they've been attacked as well. (I'm not doing the story justice but I just cracked open a pint of Ben & Jerry's Magic Brownie and all the details are being washed away with every spoonful.) From there people have been labeled stalkers, others have posted under anonymous emails or blogs protecting Klien. People like Chris London have been attacked and labeled as a stalker. There's a history between London and Klein but with all of the comments being posted I'm lost on the details. (Half-way through the pint of Magic Brownie, this thing doesn't stand a chance.)

From there I've gone to other blogs such as Sex & Moxie and Mimi in NYC. Both sites offer different perspective on the blogosphere. Sex & Moxie is...well...just as you would assume based on the name. It has a sex appeal to it. Mimi's story is the story about a journalist working in a strip club to pass the time. She's done a lot of traveling, enter the counter illegal and writes about more than just working in a strip club. Its not as sexually graphic as Moxie...but its still something to read.

why post all of this information? Well it was really prompted by the arguing on the Sisters site. I think I spent about an hour reading the final posting and all the comments. That argument has been going on for 9 days. NINE! People get a life and stop posting so many comments.

My blog won't get picked up in any Google searches so I'm not too concerned with pissing these other bloggers off. Plus its not like I called them out on anything, dissed them or told them to GFY. I'm just posting this because its on my mind.

What other blogs do I read? Well the main ones are my friends' blogs. Those are listed along the right hand side of my site. Its something to kill the time and kind of stay up on what my friends and other bloggers are doing. Check them out. You'll learn what people are eating for lunch, what is going on in the life of Frantic Antics and what other people are doing.

What blogs do you read? Give me something else to read when I'm not at work, watching TV, blogging or reading one of the new books I bought.

P.S. The Ben & Jerry's didn't last more than 10 minutes. 1 Pint down! Maybe time to go out and buy another. Shit its raining again...i'm not going anywhere.

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