Friday, October 28, 2005


The hangover has officially set in. Last night involved a company happy hour in honor of someone's recent marriage and another's promotion. Afterward I met up with friends at Saloon. And that's when things got ugly. Upon arriving the JagerBombs started. Followed by a Jack and Coke that was very light on the coke. The bartender, a co-worker of my friends, had a heavy hand which was fine at the time but now...ouch! At some point we did a shot of tomato juice with something in it. What was in it? No idea. I fucking hate tomato juice. Even when i'm not drinking it makes me want to vomit. Include vodka or any other alcohol and it still does nothing for me.

I did the shot not knowing it was tomato juice. As soon as I drank it I went straight to the bathroom to ward off vomiting. Splashed water on my face for about 10 minutes. Hit the ATM because i needed a cab to get home. Then I went back to the bar and grabbed my coat and bags then exited stage right. Some how I got a cab, kept myself from vomiting, over tipped the cab driver and made it home. All by 11:30.

Some how I've faired better than Paul. The verdict is still out on whether he slept or not. According to Leslie she thinks he hasn't. His IMs this morning were classic. Good times to wake me out of my coma as I sat at my desk. We'll definitely have to do it again soon.

Paul, did you sleep last night?


Anonymous said...


Heart Palpitations said...

I caught some shuteye in the bathroom a couple of hours ago. Thats all daddy needs

Leslie North said...

It was not tomato juice, jackass, it was maraschino cherry juice with tabasco sauce. You forgot about the 50 olive martini with a splash of Gin.

Sammy said...

paul is super gay.

Darren said...

Yeah that was Paul who did the olive juice shot. But thanks for reminding me.

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