Thursday, October 20, 2005

Staring Down the Barrell of 30

110 days until 30! 30! I know you're just as shocked as I am...I can't believe i'm getting that old! Well after a drunken argument with Melissa who wants to do something special for my 30th I revealed something that I've been researching on my own. Life Insurance and Disability Insurance. Why?

I'm looking into these things because I'm getting old. Its reality. Some day I'll have a family who I'll need to provide for. A wife and kids who are going to need things in case something ever happens. Let's be realistic for a minute, not many males on the Carew side have lived past 60. The Bavoso side, that's a different story. Pop is going to be 89 in a month. 89! How great is that!

Like I said though, I need to be realistic. I do a lot of traveling. On and off planes. Traveling through NYC. Things are risky. Traveling is risky. Would I trade it in for anything? Hell no! But sometimes you need to make sure you're doing what you can to prepare for the future. While I haven't taken out a policy, I am being prepared. Smart.

Have you ever considered life insurance in your 20s?

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