Thursday, October 20, 2005

Podcasting from online marketer's point of view

Last week I downloaded my first podcasts. Not bad topics either: ESPN and BusinessWeek The Blog Elite. The blogs were basically webcasts put into just a simple audio format. Great for listening while on the bus or subway. But when I think about it from an online marketing standpoint, where's the value? You can see how many times it was downloaded, yes but that doesn't guarantee that its heard.

Sponsors generally receive a 15 second spot in the beginning of the podcast and a 15 second spot during or after that podcast.

I downloaded but didn't listen to the sponsors message. I had to replay it 2 or 3 times to really understand what was being said. In both podcasts the sponsor was Sun Microsystems. By sponsoring the ESPN podcast was their message lost with me the sports fan audience? In the BusinessWeek podcast the sponsor would have it the point but that's not a guarantee either.

Where's the value in sponsoring a podcast? Why would an agency or client want to sponsor a podcast? I think that its a passing fad. Its something that may be going away before most people even download 12 podcasts. The theory of a podcast is good, sponsoring that's where the question lies. Do I think those marketing dollars could be used for something more measurable online? Yes because that's the beauty of online advertising, its measurable. Up to the very minute measurable in most cases.

My degree isn't in marketing. I don't have an MBA in marketing but what I do have is the knowledge of a consumer. I think I've been doing this long enough to figure out what is a smart use of marketing money and what is a bad use.

Have you downloaded a podcast? If so did you ever pay attention to the ad in the beginning or at the end/ Is it something that would encourage you to go out and purchase a product? Is it something that builds your awareness?

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