Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The 5-year Plan

Over the last few weeks I have heard people talk about their "5-Year Plan". Its been in magazines where people say "Oh I have a 5-year plan. In 5-years I'll be married or doing this or that." That's when I realize my 5-yera plan expired about 16 years ago. That's not good. This needs correcting on my part. I've got a beautiful woman in Melissa who probably has a 5-year plan in the back of her mind.

Now its time to rebuild my 5-year plan. I've always basically lived paycheck to paycheck and that's not good. Now in my new job there needs to be a plan. Time to start establishing the plan and finalizing it but the 5-year plan can't just be 5 years then done. Its something that should be 5-years with mendable clauses for the unforseen. The unforseen being job transfers, unexpected job losses or other things that could totally screw up the plan.

The 5-year plan should definitely be followed by another 5 year plan which means I'll need to create a 5 year plan after my 5 year plan which in mathematical terms means 10-yers.

Holy crap I have to plan for 10-years from now!? I'm the person who changes jobs and apartments more often than I can my shirt! Holy pressure! Ok its time to log off and start planning...5 years from now I'll be 34! holy fucking shit balls!

Ok well this shouldn't be too difficult. Five years...ring. wedding. house.! holy dog shit! Ok no worries this can be figured out. She's worth it. More than worth it. I'm still trying to figure out how she choose me...that's another topic to sort through.

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