Tuesday, August 16, 2005

XXXClusive Writing Opportunity

For those of you in my Fantasy Football league, you have had the pleasure of reading some of the smut that I can churn out for the annual league manual. This has been some of the finest work ever written and published for your reading pleasure. While your wives, girlfriends and my girlfriend may be offended by it, the writing serves strictly as reading enjoyment. Plus its great to receive feedback from everyone. Feedback as: "Dude you're a sick fuck! where do you come up with this shit!" "How the!? Where the!? Who fucking writes like that!"

Hey its a talent. When you've got it, run with it.

Today during my daily review of WSJ.com, ESPN.com, and Gawker, I came across a post on Gawker where its pornographic counterpart is looking for writers. Check out this link: Live Girls on Stage!* As tempting as it sounds, I believe that my writing should be kept to the fantasy football league and maybe this blog. But by putting it on this blog it leaves open the opportunity for family and relatives to read, further tarnishing my image with them.

Seriously, how do you think my mom would feel about some of the things I have written!? Well none of it is from experience, just my screwed up mind, it is something that she would truly be offended by. This is the woman who brags to her friends that my friends and I ride 100 miles once a year to raise money for charity or shit like that. How would she look them in the eye and brag about me after reading so of my stories.

Either way, I wanted to put all the fears and concerns to sleep. I won't be quitting my day job to join Fleshbot as a porn writer. Tempting, i know. But somethings are best kept among friends. Plus if I write some cool shit, I could become published, quit my day job and live off of royalty checks.

Its good to dream. Now its time to get cracking on my next story for the fantasy football league.

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