Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Its been a while since I last posted and that was because of some good advice from Chris Reetz. "You're trying too hard to be funny. Just relax and it'll happen." Or something like that. So I did. Then I went for a walk in the area around my office and here is what I saw:

Walking down 5th Avenue by Tiffany I spotted the most glorious site in the last few weeks. Coming towards me on roller blades was a 6 foot beauty with long lovely brown hair. Now the 6 foot estimate is 6 feet tall not on roller blades. She was approaching rapidly but luckily for me the light had changed so she was stuck on the other side of 55th Street.

When the light changed, the woman in front of her moved out of the way to reveal her in her full roller blading beauty. Her hair was long and brown, reaching slightly to her shoulders. But what was even more impressive was the fact that she was wearing skin tight white shorts and an orange bra.

How can you tell it was an orange bra, you ask? Very easily. As I was standing there she was rolling directly at me. I did my best not to stare but how could I not! Orange Bra! White Pants! And she was modelesque, if that’s even a word or the correct spelling. Her boobs were at eye level which made gazing at her boobs that much harder to avoid.

Unlike the black guy standing next to me, I refrained from making a comment. He on the other hand decided that it was his right to yell, “hey baby where you goin’ so fast! I’m right here!”

It reminded me of a Jimmy Buffett song called “Fruitcakes”. “I saw a guy/roller balding naked/ along the cross walk in the middle of the week.”

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