Monday, August 15, 2005

CBGB Lives on with an Insiders Account

Many of you may have heard that CBGB was tangled in a legal battle of back rent. On August 10th, a Manahattan Civil Court judge ruled that the venue hadn't been "stiffing" its landlord on past rent and can't be evicted. This is a momuntemal ruling for the famous club as it has been around since 1973 located on Bowery Street.

While CBGB isn’t necessarily my speed it is good to know that places such as this aren’t being closed down because of greedy landlords. Or to make room for another Starbucks. The closest I’ve ever come to CBGB is being lost down on Bowery and walking past it. I’ll admit I was a bit spooked by the folks hanging outside of the club but they didn’t give me any problems so I felt a bit safer having to later ask them for directions to a bar. I was still new to the Village and had no clue how to get around below 24th street but the guys I asked were helpful, from what I recall.

My buddy Jason is into the hardcore scene that CBGB caters too. From the stories he’s told me, he’s traveled with punk bands and has performed with a quite a few others (I could be wrong on those points and Jason will correct me but that is just how I’ve interpreted conversations). On Sunday, Jason was at CBGB once again to watch a band that he had become friendly with years ago. It had been 15 years since the band Gorilla Biscuits last played together. His recount of the show provided me with great insight into scene in the club and the friendships that it has rekindled. Take a look at his recount from Sunday night’s fun.

Whether or not you've been to CGBG or if the music is/isn't your style, as a New Yorker you have to be happy with decisions such as the judge's to not force CBGB to pay the past rent. For those of you who don't want to click the link to read more, the jist of it is that the landlord increased the rent without written documentation. CBGB fought the landlord who was trying to regain the past funds and subsequently shut the club down. In the end, the historic CBGB won and continues to promote music throughout NYC.


It Would Be Cooler If You Did said...

Thanks for the props and the comments regarding the situation down at CBGBs, you were quite accurate in your posting. As for my lack of air conditioning; you know getting drunk and passing out was my plan all along!

Joey Ramone said...

What does CBGB stand for Carew?

Anonymous said...

CBGB: Carew Bangs Girly Boys?

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