Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Writing for Business

Over my last seven years of working in Corporate America I have come across something extremely annoying. People don' know how to write! Now I'm not an expert writer nor am I perfect all the time but when you send out an email to someone from another company for the very first time you try to make it appear as though you're not learning english for the first time.

I've received countless emails with spelling mistakes and sentences that were full paragraphs. What happened to these people in grade school and high school where they were taught how to write then they just ignore it? There's a certain way to write for business and a certain way to write personal. But when your business writing appears more like 2nd grade writing you might want to double check your work more clearly.

And spelling mistakes in this day and again are just not acceptable. Every email service has spell check. USE IT! It just bothers me to try to figure out the ebonics that some jackass sent me that is supposed to a Request for Information.

If you want your company to be taken serious, then learn how to write! I'm not going to respond to some half-assed email because how am I supposed to expect that you're going to pay your bills. Seriously!

That's all for now.

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