Monday, August 08, 2005

Past Co-Workers

Earlier I went out for drinks with my old co-workers. Having left CNET over two weeks ago I have had the pleasure of keeping in touch with my former co-workers via email and persistent emails from all of us. Mainly the emails are between Kevin Y., Reetz and Tromba and they consist of shit talking about one another's baseball team and links from There have been other group emails that I have been on and replied all so that everyone has my email to keep in touch with me. But after leaving today I realized that I miss the big companies that I have been accustomed to working at.

CNET was big but I knew everyone and its because we were all the same age. We did the same thing for work and had interests and hobbies that we can all share. It made it easy to come into work and be able to hold a conversation about sports, weekends, drinking and the person who showed up to work wearing the same clothes from yesterday. After having a few drinks with everyone tonight I realized that they are true friends. I've worked at a number of places and I realized the people who I am truly friends with. From Euro I know I'm friends with Paul, Leslie and Seth but I have other people who we can just pick up our conversations from wherever we left off the last time we spoke. But those 3 are people who I speak with on a fairly regular basis. Paul and I probably IM at least 3 times per week. Leslie, she's busy but we can easily bullshit with one another and Seth, the conversations with Seth while rare lately come very easy.

Its been great having friends like all of them and the people at CNET. I realize it not that these weren't just co-workers they were friends. The guys at all the companies enjoyed the random stories that I would share about some of the weird shit I'd see walking through NYC or the odd things that happened at the bar I work. For the ladies we were able to just talk and it didn't have to be about anything specific. usually it was all joking around stuff. This holds true for the CNET people and the Euro (T-3) people.

After 1 month of being gone from CNET, I realize at things are slightly different. The people are nice and they are fun but there aren't that many of us. The group at CFO who are my age are a very small group. Most of the people are ones who have worked for CFO Mag for years. They are older than I. I enjoy the fun none the less but I do miss the big companies.

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