Monday, August 08, 2005

Down at the Bayou

Friday felt like a good day to slide out of work a little early to get a headstart on the weekend. After my boss told me that I could leave early I had my heart set on grabbing Melissa and jumping on the train back to her house in hopes of cracking open a beer. Seeing her for the first time in over a week definitely brought a smile to my face. We caught up with one another at the clock in the middle of Grand Central. Embraced with a huge hug and kiss that reminded me of when we first started dating.

Feeling so tiny in my arms I couldn't stop squeezing and kissing. Kissing and squeezing. It really felt like we had just started dating all over again. The feeling where all you want to do is hold your partners hand or have some sort of constant contact with that person. That's where we were at in the day and the week.

The days leading up to Friday had been stressful for her. As a matter of fact, the weeks leading up to this moment had been stressful for her. Often times her mind was focused deep on work. There has been so much going on for her that often times the conversation goes back to work, which I can admit now, would get on my nerves. I would think to myself "its saturday, can we not discuss work!" But there is a need to be understanding of what is going on with her at work. There's a need to remember a few years ago when we first started dating that I was in her place. Working 10 hours days, going home then checking email. Or being too nervous to take a few days off because something may go wrong while I was out.

Today felt different. Today felt like it was going to be different. I knew our train ride would focus on some work stuff. Its inevitable no matter who you are to discuss work with your loved one for the first hour or so that you see them after working 8 hours straight. You need that sounding boar. You need that person to hear you complain about work.

After the long hello filled with one big hug and multiple kisses we made our way down to track 110. Fifteen minutes until the train leaves. I thought about grabbing a beer for the ride but reconsidered because I really didn't want one. Shit did I just say that!? I didn't want a beer! She must have had some sort of hold on my today to walk right past the beer cart without a second thought.

Sitting on the train we discussed our days and how things were going. Earlier we had booked a nice romantic getaway to Cancun over the Labor Day weekend. She needed the break from work and I needed to sit some where not along the East Coast to relax. The trip had been planned and paid for earlier that day and that was all we discussed...after the little work conversation. We had found something to look forward to all week! The trip is less than a month away but there is so much to do. So much to plan for.

Arriving at her home it was time to make dinner plans. Sitting in her room she handed me the Westchester Magazine with a section devoted to all the places in the area. We were going out to eat and that part was decided long before arriving home.

Flipping through the pages I hadn't really found anything of great interest. Although I hadn't really looked that closely at all of the restaurants. Flipping the magazine closed a headline on the cover caught my eye - Barbecue. Hmm I could really go for some barbecue right now!

"Hey how about barbecue? Are there any good barbecue places that are near by?" I asked excitedly.

"We could go to the Bayou," she replied.

"Hhhmmm. The Bayou," I thought "that sounds interesting."

"Sold," I explained.

We're off to the Bayou! Cajun food in the middle of Mount Vernon. That right there sounded out to me but shit I was in! I wanted barbecue ribs and beer! I wanted to lick the barbecue sauce off my fingers and leave them smelling like the yummy bbq saucy that is applied to ribs.

The Bayou didn't disappoint! It boosts a relatively small bar that is separated by four booth style seats. Outside of the boothes the remainder of the dining area is made up of about twelve tables seating from 2 - 4 people at each table.

The menu was enormous ranging from Hushpuppies to Po'Boys, Ribs, Jumbalya, Gator Sausage and so much more yummy cajun, bbq goodness. We didn't know where to begin to order, the exception of the Rolling Rock I ordered. Beer. NOW!

Our waiter, some alternative looking dude with a piercing in his tongue and lip along with his spiked hair wearing army fatigues returned with our drinks, returned with our drinks - Rolling Rock and i have no idea what Melissa ordered. "I'll give you guys a few minutes," he said.

After reviewing the menu we almost came to our traditional compromise, Melissa was torn between two dishes and I was willing to order one in case she didn't like the other. In the back of my mind I really wanted ribs and I was hoping that we could change our compromise. Ten minutes later we are still discussing the menu when its decided, I'm getting the ribs but I have no idea what she ordered.

But first, an order of Hushpuppies! Our waiter returns with our house salads and the order of hushpuppies. "Hey can I get another, please" referring to another beer. The first Rolling Rock went down so smooth and refreshing that I needed another to make sure to keep my mouth wet.

The hushpuppies didn't stand a chance. We devoured them in a matter of seconds. Beer #2 went as quickly as the beer #1 and the hushpuppies. Out comes our order. I can see the steam coming off the ribs. The aroma of barbecue sauce waffed through my nostrils and was so powerful my mouth began to water. "Oh look at this," I thought to myself. "Oh and mashe potatoes!!!!" Although they referred to them as "smashed potatoes" but I didn't care. They were smoothered in gravy and I couldn't wait to dig in!

We picked at my ribs and my potatoes and some spinach like substance as if we were vultures having not eaten in days. Melissa and I tried her meal but were more content with the meal infront of me. Ribs! YUMMY! With each rib that I picked up, each bite resulted in all of the meat falling from the bone and dangling from my mouth. The simile of the vulture held true as I ate my meal, food hanging from my beak with my eyes darting around the room to make sure no one was going to take my meal from me.

Beer #3 arrived minutes after the first of 8 ribs were devoured. My fingers covered in barbecue sauce would have made picking the pint up exteremyl difficult so I sucked the barbecue sauce from my fingers. Savoring the delight of the ribs even further. Licking the sauce as if I were licking and ice cream cone. With my fingers finally clean of the barbecue sauce I took a sip of the ice cold beer. AAHHHH This is a great summer time meal! Second to only clams and corona.

Prior to dinner we decided to make a "southern night" out of it. We would head to the Bayou then go check out Jessica Simpson in a bikini. I mean "The Dukes of Hazard". But dinner was quickly adjusting those plans. Our stomachs full we drove back to melissa's house as we had over an hour and an half to kill before the movie. That move changed the outcome of the rest of the night.

Arriving back at her house, we knew we had to get up early saturday morning for Melissa's marathon training run in Central Park. Not one to screw with her training, we decided to throw on our pjs and just stay at home. Our full bellies kept us from doing much. We opted for sitting on the couch to relax. Hoping that the fullness would soon pass but that dream never became a reality.

After lounging for what felt like forever but really only resulted in 20 minutes, we decided that it was best if we went for a walk around the neighborhood. It wasn't quite 10 pm but if we wanted to sleep somewhat comfortably, then a walk would help us digest.
The ribs and potatoes were gone in no time.

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