Thursday, August 11, 2005


How Do You Like Me NOW!? Is officially a success! After 3 weeks of being live we have generated an enormous response! While this post isn't as successful as some of those big corporate sponsored blogs like (cnet folks are big fans of that site) or, we are measuring success of this site based on the people visiting. Its always great to receive messages from Lance Armstrong and Omar Minaya, the true success of this site is being measured in the comments from people like Bill Hancock!

Many of you don't know Bill but he was the mathematical mastermind behind the success of Euro RSCG. Since Bill's departure from the agency it has lost numerous major accounts and excellent staff. Bill's departure was rumored to have been due to a layoff but for those of us who worked at Euro we know his departure was due to none other than Paul Magyar.

See it all started when Bill would come around to "clarify insertion orders" Paul. That right there should tell you something was wrong. Often times we found Bill standing at the entrance to our office gazing lovingly at Paul. You could see that his mind was traveling to wonderous places with Paul, all while they were running through fields of daisies.

When Paul decided he was going to move to Boston, long before he told Leslie or myself, he approached Bill in quiet comfort. They would sit for hours in Bill's office with the door closed and a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the doorknob. But this time it was different. Paul broke the news. Bill lashed out in such a manner that the frightened Paul had to run away. He couldn't stand the heartache he caused. Paul ran to Leslie's office to tell her that he was leaving, Bill in a violent fit of lovers rage burst into Leslie's office. She did what she thought was best and told Bill that it was time for him to go. "The dream is over Bill. I'm sorry."

Rumor has it that Bill eventually forgave Paul. He traveled to Boston with him and helped him move. Since those glorious days 2 years ago, their love has died like a weed in the desert being scorched by the sun.

Today Paul is back in NYC and Bill is using this blog to reconnect. This my friends is how you judge success, by bringing two old "friends" together.

Tomorrow - The moving conversations of Paul Herrmann and my dog.

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Tom Mallon said...

I love Paul too

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