Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Body Paint

Who was the genius who created body paint? And who the brain child behind convincing this girl to paint her chest, walk around a club with her chest painted and not wear a shirt? Who is that genius because I want to shake his hand and thank him for the fine work he has done.

You just can’t make this shit up. Look at her boobs! I can’t even write a story to do her justice. I just hope that someday if I have children they don’t end up as weird and twisted as this chick. Now she’s probably a nice girl who likes to drink and have fun with her friends. But when I look at that picture all I can think of is “she must be wild in bed.” And you know what, that’s what 99% of the guys who see her picture think as well. That or “damn I wanna hit that shit.” But I’ll never find out because I don’t want the diseases she’s probably carrying and more importantly I’m not going to fuck up my life or my relationship to find out.

But its still fun to take that pictures and send them around to my buddies. The comments all come back basically the same. Then those guys send them off to their buddies and suddenly, is getting hundreds of visitors per day. The site stays in business because of people like me who should be doing work but instead are visiting these sites. Hell I’m supposed to be selling internet ad space for my company yet while I’m at work I’ll take my “15 minute smoke break” to surf the web. (No I don’t smoke but my theory is, if you get 15 minutes to smoke then I get 15 minutes to slack off.)

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