Monday, August 08, 2005

Lime Green to be Exact

Earlier I met my old co-workers for a few beers. Just one then I gotta go. Ok it turned into 3, i think, but I really had the intention of stopping after one...maybe two. After saying goodbye and heading back towards the PATH it started to drizzle. Nothing major just a few drops here and there. As I approached the PATH I realized, "Oh shit i gotta pee...ok its not bad I can make it home."

I got on the PATH at 33rd, grabbed my seat, sat down and pulled my hat down low so I could sleep. People were getting on after their long day of work, some slightly wetter than others from the rain. There I sat in a with some dude scruntched up against me rubbing and bothering the shit out of me. I didn't pay it too much mind because I've had a few beers so its not a big deal. Maybe I'm imaging it. Although the dude next to me did get on at 14th street so there is a little bit of concern for me.

The train reached Hoboken. Everyone got up except for the guy next to me who sat slightly longer than he should have. I was waiting for him to put his hand on my knee to push himself up. That's how long he sat there. I got uncomfortable. I made the move to get up and so did he. I sat back down because I wasn't going to give this guy a chance to check out my ass. Its a thing of beauty...or so I like to think :)

The dude next to me got up. He went for the door to my left. I went for the closed door straight across from me because the last thing I wanted him to do was check out my ass as I walked up the steps out of the station. He was slightly to my left, heading out the door. The door infront of me opened, I jumped and headed straight for the door.

Usually when people go up the steps of the subway or the PATH they walk directly behind the person infront of them. I made sure I walked quick enough for this dude not to get near me. Giving a glance back as I got onto the platform I saw the dude behind me. My pace quickened. I may have knocked over a woman with a baby stroller but I didn't care. I didn't want to be the victim of one of those awkward stares. Instead I was the person giving the awkward stare.

She was right infront of me as we walked up the steps holding the hand of her boyfriend. I tried not to be rude and stare but its virtually impossible when the girl walking in front of you is wearing see-through white pants with a green thong. Lime green to be exact.

I wasn't being perverted. I wasn't taking out the camera phone to take a picture to share with my friends. I was trying to get home. Forgetting the urge to pee. Trying to get up the steps and away from the stetchy gay guy...he may not have been gay but he's got the label already. (On a side note, I have no problem with gay people. I just have a problem with gay men hitting on me because its been known to happen. It can be quite unnerving.)

She was walking up the steps holding her boyfriend's hand, taking her time going up each step. It was quite annoying and I would have pushed a bit to get up the steps if it wasn't for the fact that I was basically getting a free show from this girl. I didn't have to strain. I didn't have to go out of my way to see it. There was nothing rude about it because when I looked to my right the girl next to me was looking at it as well.

"How does her boyfriend let her out of the house like that!" I thought to myself. "Shit how does she look in the mirror knowing she's wearing a lime green thong with see-through pants and think that no one will notice!" I was shocked. Not upset because it was something different to look at.

Usually its my luck to have a girl's skirt pop up in front of me. This time it was right there for the entire world to see. I wondered if she went to work like that today. If so didn't one of her female co-workers say something about it? Shit when I worked at Euro one of the girls I worked with had her thong sticking out of her pants as clear as day. She realized that we, the guys, noticed. Probably because people who had no reason to come near our desks were walking by saying hello to her. She realized what was going on, went into the bathroom and took the thong off so that people wouldn't see it. Yes I kept on staring after she took it off to figure out if she did or didn't. I thought maybe she just tucked it lower. She later told me that she went into the bathroom and took it off.

Today this girl walked without a care in the world that her lime green thong was out there for the world to see. Sometimes I just don't get it.

p.s. it wasn't a small thong either. it was one of those Monica Lewinski big thongs.

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