Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Officially Moved In

Its official kids, I'm staying at my job for a long time. My picture of Jimmy Superfly Snuka is up on my cabinet for all to see. When i first arrived here it was placed on the wall and hidden from view. For fucks' sake I'm at a new company where I don't know a soul but now i'm comfortable here. Superfly goes up in a prominent spot for the whole world to see.

I bought this picture when I was on vacation in Wildwood when I was probably in kindergarten. Its traveled with me from my house growing up to my dorms and apartment at Monmouth to every job I've had. Every job being Rapp Collins, Miller Business Communications, Fuel NA (which then became Euro, then Circle, then Euro Circle, then who know what the fuck after that), T-3, CNET and now Yeah i've had a lot of what!?

I'm here! planted. comfortable. Home!

1 comment:

Donald trump said...

hey darren, take that poster down and move your shit out, you're fired! you've been spending too much time on this stupid blog

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