Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stupid Mets Fans

We all know one. At times we want to kick them in the nuts. 2005 Mets fans have got to be the most annoying people on the face of the earth. Out of the 200 or so who I've met, only 3 are intelligent. Met fans have become more annoying than Yankee fans. At least with the Yankees they win championships, they know how to suck early in the season only to be in the penant race this season when it matters most. But mainly this post is directed at Tromba.

Lets look at your "new" Mets shall we. You've already lost one bet to me - if the mets finished the month of April above .500 I bought you a burriot but if they finished that month at .500 or below you bought me a burrito. I won. May, the Mets finished below .500, June same story. It wasn't until July when they actually finished 1 game over .500. But that month is still in question because it was shortened by the All-Star Break. Had they played games during those three weeks they would have finished below .500. You're "Cy-Young" pitcher was too much of a pussy to pitch in the All-Star breaking. Fucking asshole wants to preserve his arm for the playoffs. Way to screw over your fans who voted you in. Ok the fans didn't vote but still Pedro's an asshole.

Now you send me a text message that "The Mets could be the best team in baseball." Keyword = could. They could be but they aren't. They maybe on a 3 game winning streak, and winners of 5 of their last 10 games but buddy don't go getting a hard-on over something that isn't going to amount to a load of shit.

Please refer to a comment I made to you back before the season started. There's a team called the Atlanta Braves who are beginning to run away with the National League East. The rest of that division is just going to be fighting for positioning while surprisingly Houston has made a huge push for the Wild Card.

Great job on getting Pedro and Beltran. Pedro has paid off...there's no denying that. But Beltran? Seriously! I can put up better numbers than he is doing. And now comes your turn to comment on the waste that is Jim Thome.....Just remember, we're 4 games over .500 without him. You're only 3 with Beltran in the line-up. Thus proving that we are a better team.

So take your "new" mets and all the stupid ads across the beautiful city of mine and bring them back to the shithole known as Shea. The mets have been and forever will be a second class team in NYC.

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