Friday, August 05, 2005


Breaking News - Fake homeless guy has gone MIA. He's not in his usual spot on West 57th street. The sidewalk seems lonely without his constant chatter and berating of people. The more I think about it the more I realize he hasn't been there all week. No wonder my walks to get lunch have been so peaceful!

Yesterday I ventured back to the Time Warner Center where I find myself spending a lot of lunches. Basically wandering the mall. Looking at the inside of the mall its just a vast wasteland. There's probably about 6 stores to each floor, with the exception of the first floor but other than that the mall itself is just intimidating and dreary. When you first enter the building from Broadway - or is it just called Columbus Circle? - you are greeted by two giant statues one of a large naked man and the other of a large naked woman. Of course I studied the nake woman closer than the man, so I probably look like some perv or something.

Ok what was I just talking about? oh the fake homeless guy gone MIA. Yeah he's totally not there. Maybe he got snagged as being fake or maybe someone hired him to paint the outside of their house. Either way I haven't had to deal with "Shalom Hungry Jew" yeah a homeless hungry Jew who puts in food orders to people!

My biggest fear those is as I say these things about him, I don't want to end up like him. I've got myself in debt and now I'm trying to get out. But what if I never get out of this quicksand? What if i'm trapped in this ugly pit of debt forever? Considering I'm still paying off credit cards from college and I graduated 7 years ago! Great there I go again making myself worry...sweet! time to go to the bathroom to puke.

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