Wednesday, August 03, 2005


On Sunday I sat on Melissa's porch reading the Sunday Times. Her and her mom were out at the store picking up groceries and other things that they needed. There I sat on the deck reading the paper which is becoming my new thing to kill time. In one section, probably the Sunday Styles, a writer was talking about how the f-bomb was being used too much in our society.

He explained that its all over. Movies. TV. Radio. Commericials. And even sports. Ok sports? Are you expecting athletes to sensor what they say? Yeah these guys get paid millions of dollars to play a childs game but the write whose name completely escapes me, expects athletes to keep it clean. They are getting paid good money to play a sport. I play flag football and when I mess up I drop multiple f-bombs.

The snobbery of this article just baffled me. The writer went to the extent to change it from "f-bomb" to word "word-bomb." Seriously, are you that high maintainence that you can't use "f-bomb"? now i understand its the NYTimes. ok fine. But no one is going to sensor me from saying fuck...fuck..fuck fuck fuck. "Mother fuck. Mother mother fuck fuck fuck."

Its natural that the word fuck is going to become mroe and more previlent in our society. People say "ass" on TV. "Shit" has even made it onto regular TV. But for this guy to write an entire article devoted to how our society is going out of control and is using the "f-bomb" entirely too much.

The article really chaffed my ass. I was fired up when I read it. Now I'm slightly calmer but I'm sitting here watching a movie "American Wedding" and the "f-bomb" is being dropped constantly. Its not a terrible word. I mean for fucks' sake my mom once sent me an email with all the uses of the word "Fuck." If Sister Eileen can send me an email about the word Fuck then why can't it be used more often in the world!!!???

FUCK people have actually use it in meetings that I've sat in on for work. I've used it after the my client, a VP of Marketing at Dell, used it in a meeting. I've said worse "Your site is shitting the bed!" to a site, in a meeting!

The "f-bomb" is one of my favorite words. I use it more than I say my own name. So please, I encourage you to say "fuck" whenever possible or necessary. Use it people and be proud!!!!

Fuck this shit I need a fucking drink. I hope we have some fucking soda left in the fridge :)

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